Born 1952 in Berlin 

Began playing guitar at age 14.

1968–70: First Band "Cropies" with Tamara Danz 

1972: played in various bands, rock music

1973–76: studied classical and jazz guitar at the Berlin "Musikhochschule Hanns Eisler"

1977: started playing jazz, free jazz and improvised music.

1977: first solo performance 

1977–86: member of various jazz or improvising groups in former GDR, and teacher at Musikhochschule

                Played with the finest jazz players in East Germany, including Konrad Bauer

               Played duetts with John Tchicai (sax), Joëlle Leandre (b) and Rudolf Dasek (g) 

               Performed with various dancers, including Arila Siegert

               Toured in almost every European country

1986: changed domicile to Nürnberg, 1987 to Köln

             Several recording projects as a leader which have earned international acclaim 

              Several featured articles in various international publications

1988–2009: Projects as a soloist, with different european musicians and American bassist David Friesen (6 CDs and 1 DVD)

              Wrote a lot of compositions, some are available in books: "Guitar-guitar" and "Departure" with David Friesen

              Since 1989 plays special guitars with 39 frets made by the great guitar maker from Holland Theo Scharpach                 

1993: Afrika tour with flutist Michael Heupel (Goethe-Institut)

         Duets with Simon Nabatov in the early nineties

         He also gives workshops for improvisation and special guitar techniques 

         Developed a unique system to use the guitar body as a percussion instrument 

        Composed music for an animated film 

1996: played with Jamaaladeen Tacuma (also 2008–2011) 

         Worked with Rolf and Joachim Kühn 

         At the Bauhaus Dessau he did the music for several dance projekts with Arila Siegert, Iris Sputh and Thomas Hartmann seit 1997 Konzerte und Leitung von Improvisationsgruppen beim "Internationalen Gitarrenfestival Templin" 

Living in Berlin since 1998

2005: Book "Getting in time" practicing with the metronome in a musical way 

2006: "Deutschland ein Wintermärchen" Heine - wie neu mit Thomas Brückner (Sprecher) Katharina Hilpert (fl) Baby Sommer (dr)

2008 international well known photographer Ralph Gibson shoots Kropinski for his book "State of the Axe" - Guitar Masters                         in Photographs and Words (Museum of Fine Arts Houston); Kropinski wrotes the words for his photograph.

2011: 30th Anniversary   "Doppelmoppel"; Conny und Johannes Bauer (tb) Joe Sachse und Kropinski (g) 

2012  Kropinski Trio mit Susanne Paul Cello und Vladimir Karparov Saxofone  

2013 CD "Elf Elfen Blues"

2015 CD "Blätter aus dem Garten der Schubartin" Ludwig Schumann Texte

          CD "scratching the silence" mit Dieter Köhnlein Piano

          LP "gallery born" Produktion Galerie Born-Berlin   Kropinski Gitarre und Stimme

         Januar Panama Jazz Festival mit Michael Heupel

         Mittelamerika Tournee mit Doppelmoppel (Goethe Institut) Mexiko, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama

2018 CD "a kind of now" mit Michael Heupel (fl)

        Tour Goethe Institut Guatemala und Costa Rica mit Dieter Köhnlein (p)

2022 LP "Live in Romanshorn" mit Michael Heupel

         LP "Groovemaster" Live in Berlin mit Susanne Paul Cello und Vladimir Karparov Saxofone



Actual projects



Kropinski Trio with Susanna Paul cello and Vladimir Karparov saxophone

Duet with Michael Heupel or as a trio plus Baby Sommer (dr)

Peter Rühmkorf Programm "Bleib erschütterbar und widersteh" Thomas Brückner (narrator) Kropinski (g)

"Heine wie neu" Deutschland ein Wintermärchen

Thomas Brückner (narrator) Katharina Hilpert (fl) Baby Sommer (dr) 

Duet with Joe Sachse (g) 

Duet with Dieter Köhnlein (p) 

"Marula" with Majid Bekkas (oud, gembri) Aly Keita (Balafon) Michael Heupel (fl) 


Since the early nineties he also works as a photographer;

the photographs were used for his own CD-covers


1989 "Dancing with the bass" ITM 1431 David Friesen (b) /Kropinski

"By the way", AHO 1001 Dieter Köhnlein (p) /Kropinski

1995 "African notebook", AHO 1024, Michael Heupel (fl) /Kropinski

1999 "Made in Berlin", ITM 14106, David Friesen (b) /Kropinski

2004 "Sentimental moods", ITM 14119, Michael Heupel (fl) /Kropinski

2004 "Made in Istanbul", ITM 14118, David Friesen (b) /Kropinski

2005 "American dream", Acoustic music, Solo

2005 "Made with friends", JW 007, D.Friesen, Conny Bauer(tb) John Gross(ts) 

2008 "Marula - In all", Majid Bekkas(oud,gembri), Aly Keita (balafon), Michael Heupel(fl) / Kropinski

2018 "a kind of now" with Michael Heupel

2022 LP "vom F zum F und zurück" with Michael Heupel

         LP "Live in Berlin" Kropinski Trio, Susanne Paul cello, Vlaimir Karparov sax


and for the CD- covers of other artists


1992 "Long trip home", ITMP 970073, David Friesen Solo

1995 "Into it", Lee Konitz (as,ss) Frank Wunsch (p) WW 2090

1999 "Speakeasy" PAO 10610, John Abercrombie + Jarek Smietana (g), Harvie Swartz (b), Adam Czerwinski (dr) 

2000 "C/D/E", PAO 10480, Marty Ehrlich (ss,as,cl,fl) Mark Dresser (b), Andrew Cyrille (dr) 

2000 "After the rainstorm" Wewelsiep 20991

2001 "With you in mind", Summit records DCD290, David Friesen (b) Gary Versace (p)

2013 Abdullah Ibrahim "Mukashi"  intuition 


His photographs were exhibited several times as Uwe THEO Kropinski


1995 "African notebook" Stadtbibliothek Köln

2005 Berlin "Knorre" 

2006 Galerie "Medial" Berlin "Berlins schönste Schäden" (Gehwegschäden) 

2012 Exhibition at Jazzinstitut Darmstadt