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The price of the pick is : 20.- Euro (+ shipping)



You will get a hand taylored plectron.

 You will get a very personal tool for creating some new sounds.




This is not just another pick.

 It is special and has it's special price.

 It comes with an instruction how to use the pick.



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 When I first saw this pick I thought it would be just another kind of gimmick. But after using it for a while I was very fascinated about the new possibilities that this strange design offers to the player. Normal picks mostly have only one way to hold it between ones fingers and the guitarist just looks for a shape that he feels comfortable with and naturally he looks for different gauges and material to get out the sound he wants to hear. This pick is available in one gauge only.

Almost 3 mm thick and so you definitely should not use it if you are looking for a pick for just strumming the guitar or looking for a crispy sound. There are a lot of picks for that on the market. My pick is made for guitarists who are searching for different sounds and want to produce a tone with some meaning in every single note they play, and for players who like to use one pick for a longer period to make it through their own playing into a very personal plectrum.


If you pluck a string there is only this little moment where the pick touches and releases the string that will produce the sound you will hear. So, a pick should give you different ways to produce a tone that has a character, a meaning. As rounder the pick as rounder, smoother your tone will be.


And the surface of the pick should be very, very smooth to produce a round tone. My picks are as smooth as possible. The material of the pick also has a big influence for the sound. I think the material should be soft enough to produce a warm tone and hard enough to hold for a while. (one pick will last more than a year)


This pick is perfect for me. But ... the material is not as hard as stone and so it will definitely get some scratches after playing it for a while and the very round, soft tone will disapear. Now you have some work to do. You have to use a buffer or a smooth nail-file and polish the surface of the pick. If you have done this several times, the shape of the pick will turn into a kind of personal shape. This will give you a personal, comfortable, at home feeling while playing with the pick. I am using my pick (the same pick all the time) for more than 6 months (every day) now and I feel so comfortable with it now, more as when I would use another new pick. The playing time got into the pick, formed its shape and every time I take it between my fingers I really enjoy this feeling.


So again, this pick is definitely not for people who just strum the guitar very hard. This pick is for the sensitve player who likes to put as lot as much character in each and every note he plays. With this pick you have a tool in your hand that not only gives you one best way to pluck the strings, but four different ways. Now you have the chance to choose the best way to serve the needs of the musical situation you are in, just with one pick. If you work with the pick ... and ... fortunatly ... it will take a while to get used to it ... it will give you back a lot of new ways to serve the music, which should be the main goal for every musician.



I really hope this pick will open some new doors for you, as it did for me.