„Just about everything one would expect from Uwe Kropinski . But the fact that one of the most interesting and creative guitarists of the present with blues comes along - and take advantage of a quite conventional , seemingly primitive , with power chords in shuffle rhythm ? That can not be possible ! However , it is , but only at the beginning, and it proves to be perfected deception because: soon the trio from Kropinski , Susanne Paul and Vladimir Karparov resonates with guitar, saxophone , cello , percussion and vocals into jazzy realms , true the motto explained in the booklet that you can not really define terms such as blues, happiness and freedom . In this respect, then again includes the "Spanish way" to the universe of the blues, an almost nine-minute Kropinski composition , the first minutes of guitar solo contest until the soprano saxophone chiming in , but later it becomes a flamenco - jazz demonstration with an almost ecstatic guitar playing, accompanied by percussion This is so modern , imaginative and radical that it leaves many otherwise efforts as pleasing finger exercises look like ; . never remains the trio are among the fusions from the sixties and seventies This is daring and skillfully ; . itself within a piece converts . everything that's ever free and wild and adventurous, but not inedible for a moment like freedom can not be defined , . . . , but they can be demonstrated to provide examples What Kropinski and his colleagues here, this is one of them. As said Miles Davis in one of his most popular tracks " It's All Blues . "
Michael Lohr ( Acoustic Guitar )