timing problems? "Getting in time" helps


"Getting in time" – practicing with the metronome (preface)

The idea to write this book came as a result of doing clinics at several universities and music colleges as a guest teacher over the last years. I was teaching for students of different styles and various musical skills.

The main problem for almost all of the students was the time feel. They did know which note should be played, but they were not able to put it exactly at the right place.

"It don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that swing" the famous phrase of Duke Ellington brings it right on the point. The best notes don’t work, if the player is not able to put them in the right place. I would say that the time is the essential part in music, the basic thing, everything works off the time.

I started to think about a training method to develop a good time feel. First I came up with some exercices for myself . After practicing them for a longer period, the effect I felt was so fascinating, that I had to write these exercises down for other students.

If you really are interested in devoloping your time feel, here is one key to get it!

In my opinion, everybody is able to get a good time feel; it is not true that one has it and the other one doesn’t have it. The only thing we have to do is, to take us time and work on our time feel. I have been doing these exercises for some years now and my time has stabilized and is solid now. I would not have believed years ago, that the effect would have been that fantastic!

To establish a good time feel deep inside of you, you only have to work with these exercises every day for a longer period. I am very sure you will have the same experiences that I had, and your time feel will grow to a level you never expected before! 

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