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Scharpach Master Guitars


1. Nylon string 2002



2. Steel string 1989



3. Nylon string 1990

This is my new guitar 2018 , made by Theo Scharpach. It was built following my specifications as a result of more than 50 years playing guitar. An unique instrument that unifies all the best components. The best wood available, used by the maker (spruce top, cypress sides and back). A design made by myself, not for optical but first by handling reasons. And for amplification the "Miniflex" (model 5) microphone system is built in, which in my opinion is the best and most natural amplfication system available today. The result is a guitar with a great acoustic sound, loud but beautiful and transparent, and very easy to amplify on stage.

I use strings by Savarez

for my newest guitar

set 520 B